charity covers a multitude of sins

Cf. ERASMUS Responsio ad Albertum Pium (1529) 35v quid est charitas? Est pallium monachi. Qui sic? Quia operit multitudinem peccatorum, What is Charity? A monk’s cloak. Why? Because it covers a multitude of sins. With allusion to I PETER iv. 8 (AV) For charity shall cover the multitude of sins.

a 1633 G. HERBERT Priest to Temple (1652) xii. Many and wonderfull things are spoken of thee... To Charity is given the covering of sins.

1794 J. Q. ADAMS Letter 26 May in Writings (1913) I. 191 Faction covers at least as great a multitude of sins as charity.

1836 E. HOWARD Rattlin the Reefer I. xxx. The blue coat, like charity, cover-eth a multitude of sins.

1908 ‘O. HENRY’ Gentle Grafter 47 According to the old proverb, ‘Charity covers a multitude of skins’.

1982 G. HAMMOND Game xvi. Charity, after all, can cover up a multitude of sins.

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